The Village of Gilberts

The Northern Kane County Chamber of Commerce represents the Village of Gilberts. 


Voted one of the safest cities in Illinois, Gilberts is an up and coming community that is a great place to live. With an area of 5.5 square miles, the Village has a current estimated population of 8,366. Gilberts is a place close to major cities, but far enough away to provide room for healthy growth of families, small businesses and light industrial manufacturing. The Village hosts several community events throughout the year including an Easter Egg Hunt, Community-Wide Garage Sale, Fishing Derby, Community Days Festival, Movies in the Park, Fall Bonfire, and Tree Lighting Ceremony. Here in Gilberts, we believe that we are growing with vision and pride ourselves on our commitment to our community.

The Village of Gilberts is located on I90 near Elgin, IL. As Chicago has continually increased in infrastructure, density, and many other facets of urban development, citizens are searching for a more remote and quaint living environment. In preparation for the increased developmental trend, the Village of Gilberts looks back to its history and the core of its existence to preserve its identity and character. Gilberts is a place close to major cities, but far enough away to provide room for healthy growth of both families and light industrial manufacturing. For these reasons, the Village of Gilberts must logically plan for its future and carry on the traditions and values that were so prominently established by the founders of this land.

Economic Development Overview 

Network Gilberts was developed to act as a facilitator to work with the private sector and streamline the task of development as much as possible.

The purpose of Network Gilberts is to encourage the expansion of existing businesses while developing opportunities for commercial, office research, and light industrial development in the Village.

The goal of Network Gilberts is to promote economic development that will maintain and enhance the quality of life in Gilberts and to create a solid and diversified tax base to ensure the fiscal viability of the community. To attain this goal, Network Gilberts seeks to:

  • Become a central point of Gilberts information

  • Facilitate development ideas and opportunities

  • Link resources together

  • Creating a positive business community environment

  • Work with the business community to problem solve

Network Gilberts has created an initiative that brings gigabit broadband to the Gilberts industrial & commercial areas. Broadband with speeds up to 10gb are available to the area now.

If you are interested in learning more about new business opportunities in Gilberts, please contact Village Administrator Brian Bourdeau at

Economic development conference material provided by the Northern Illinois University for Governmental Studies  Full report  Executive summary
Business Profile
View demographics on  income, retail trade, transportation, and labor market. We will continue to  update our profile as new information becomes available.

Available Development Sites  A listing of available commercial and industrial sites in the Village of Gilberts

Traffic Counts Traffic metrics past the available commercial and industrial sites in the Village

Development Process
This link will take you to a flow chart explaining the Village’s processes for development applications.  

Development Status
View available land for commercial/retail development.

Maps included are the Future Land Use Map, Zoning Map, and Boundary Map.

Village President

Board of Trustees
Jeanne Allen
Dan Corbett
Louis Hacker
Brandon Coats 
Justin Redfield

David L. Clercq Sr.

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