Bright Health

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8000 Norman Center Drive, Suite 900
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55437

Phone Number:

(833) 356-1182



Insurance Agency

Business Description:

Bright Health works with their “care partners”, a network of specific doctors and hospitals, to suppress the cost of healthcare for those enrolled in their program and facilitate coordination of care. The company works in cooperation with major health systems in a market to design a network of services around those providers to build and deliver benefit-packed plans that deliver low rates so the member can focus on staying happy and healthy while paying less for their healthcare. Bright Health Care was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In reaction to the Affordable Healthcare Act, it began selling health insurance plans in 2017 through its alignment with Mercy Health, the largest hospital system in Ohio. And by July 2018 it partnered with Mount Sinai in New York to offer Medicare Advantage plans. As of 2022, Bright Health announced record membership growth, serving 1 million clients, operating in more than 50 markets in 13 states.