Community Needs Assessment Survey ~ Ecker Center for Behavioral Health

As you may know, Ecker Center has been awarded a federal grant to expand and improve access to mental health and substance use services as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC).  As part of the grant, we are conducting a community needs assessment to gather information about needs in our community, awareness of our services, and barriers to access. Our Consultant has created a brief web-based survey to collect feedback from members of the community. Our goal is to reach a wide array of members of our community. Would you be able to share the link with a message like the one below (if not in a newsletter, maybe in just a social media post?  Thanks!


Sample message:

Ecker Center is conducting a community needs assessment to find out what our community needs to support mental and emotional well-being and to address substance use in our area. Your opinion as a member of our community is valued. Please help by providing your anonymous answers to a short survey. Thank you!


Time12:00 am